Ravenswood High School Football Live Stream

Friday, September 27, 2019 3:10:44 AM

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Ravenswood Football Celebrates Years

Photo by From this came a love of photography and the type of composition that makes a true portrait. Ann's montages and portraits hang in multi million dollars facilities across the state.

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Ann is a nationally certified professional photographer through examination and image submission. She has also won the James H. Ann has completed many hours of training in the use of Adobe Photoshop CC and her business is entirely digital.

Tennessee high school to draw national attention during football game against Arkansas foe

Ann owns and operates Ann's Location Photography with her husband, Frank, who does videography and slideshows. Frank began producing videos VHS format in for family archives. This eventually led to producing videos for the West Virginia Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Ravenswood High School football, girls basketball and softball teams.

Watch Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot online.

Frank's videography centers around special events. Ann has studied with some of the most notable photographic and artistic professionals in the business.

WV MetroNews High School Football Scoreboard

She has attended seminars and workshops given by internationally known wedding and portrait photographers, David Ziser and Jerry Ghionis. Ann has also studied with compositing artist, Richard Sturdevant, and has taken webinars from sports compositior, Joel Grimes.

Blackpool football club jobs

The Loan Collection is considered to be the best of the best of photography internationally! Ann's Location Photography utilizes creative lighting and composition. Ann uses backlighting, accent lighting, long-exposure photography and painting with light. She has taken lighting classes from black and white master, Tim Walden.

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