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McDougall and Sarah Poole No University of Virginia retrospective would be complete without remembering some of the accomplished men and women who have shared these Grounds. Then, after failing at West Point, Poe went on to make his mark as one of the first well-known Americans to make an albeit meager living as a writer.

Preview: VCU Rams vs. Richmond Spiders, Wednesday, Jan. 17

John Stevenson Law U. House of Representatives; served as a member of both the Confederate Senate and the Confederate Army; appointed by President Grant as minister to Russia in Bernard Gaines Farrar Jr.

Col Farrar enlisted in the Union Army while living in the border state of Missouri. Colored Heavy Artillery—an all-black regiment, most former slaves. Army surgeon, Reed confirmed that mosquitoes transmitted yellow fever, which had ravaged troops during the Spanish American War. Some consider the discovery the greatest single contribution to medicine in history.

Woodrow Wilson Law Woodrow Wilson A Staunton, Virginia, native, Wilson attended the Law School for a year before changing course to study, teach, and write about political science and history.

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He served as president of Princeton University, his alma mater, and as governor of New Jersey before being elected president of the United States.

Hoping to contain the flames, he catapulted pounds of dynamite onto the portico connecting the annex and the famed dome.

Though the dramatic effort proved ineffective, he nonetheless became a Virginia legend. Claude Swanson Law U. She passed with distinction. Senate seat — ; Democratic majority leader who helped pass the New Deal — ; vice presidential nominee in the election, the first Arkansan on a major-party ticket.

William F. Halsey received his coveted appointment to the U. Naval Academy.


He later earned his wings at age 51 and joined the growing aviation force. Yen Col W. House of Representatives and then the U. Senate, where he helped steer Franklin D.

UCF Knights vs VCU Rams: Predictions & Odds

In , at nearly 71, he became the oldest person elected vice president, under Harry S. Truman, and served four years. Frustrated by the U. Richard E. Byrd graduated from the U. Naval Academy and later retired as a rear admiral.

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Byrd went on to aid other aviators, including Charles Lindbergh, and is recognized as having launched the era of aerial exploration of Antarctica.

Alexander Vandegrift Col Major general in the U. Marine Corps — Louis lawyer for the bulk of his career. He had joined the French war effort in as an ambulance driver and received the Croix de Guerre for rescuing a wounded soldier.

Instead, two years before the U.


After earning additional degrees at Oxford University after the war, Gooch returned to UVA, where he served as a professor until his retirement. He played pro ball for 21 seasons, with a break in to serve in Europe during World War I. Shortly before his death in , he was honored with membership in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Jesse W. Beams Grad An experimental physicist, Beams worked on the first linear electron accelerator and the magnetic ultracentrifuge.

Hartwell Harrison Col , Med Surgeon who participated in the first human organ transplant using a living donor—between identical twins in ; co-recipient of the Amory Prize of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Ruth Patrick Grad , Ruth Patrick Aquatic biologist hailed for pioneering limnology—the scientific study of stream ecosystems; became the 12th woman elected into the National Academy of Sciences; awarded the National Medal of Science in Harry H.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr.

Robert Aldrich Col Hollywood director known for his realistic, often violent, socially conscious films, including What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Alfred K. Mann Col , Grad , Grad Particle physicist best known for his role in discovering the fundamental properties of neutrinos; served as professor emeritus of physics at the University of Pennsylvania; Guggenheim Fellow.

Karl Gordon Henize Col , Grad Before his selection by NASA as a scientist-astronaut in , Henize gained renown as an astronomer, with a nova in a neighboring galaxy named after him.

His mission aboard the space shuttle Challenger in , at age 58, made him the oldest American to fly in space. Robert F.

  • Richmond Spiders, Wednesday, Jan.
  • The Knights enjoyed their best season in the American Athletic Conference since the formation of the league in Taylor, who has put together one of the best careers in school history.
  • Who are the favorites to win a national title? Who can legitimately be called a contender?
  • Moreover, users have the power to add a few more premium networks or channels based on personal choice.
  • There are three reasons why the Michigan State Spartans are the early favorite to win the NCAA championship: they return three starters from their squad that went to the Final Four in , they have an All-American point guard in Cassius Winston and they have a top-three coach in college hoops in Tom Izzo. However, the same could possibly be said about the Spartans.

Kennedy Law Robert F. Kennedy As U. He was an ardent champion for the poor and for civil rights, and opposed expanded involvement in the Vietnam War. While a U.

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Walter N. Ridley Educ Walter N.


He reapplied after segregation was overturned and graduated at age 43 with his doctorate. He held prominent roles at several universities, most notably as president at Elizabeth City State College North Carolina and gave leadership to the American Teachers Association for 25 years.

Senate, where he led the Armed Services Committee. Edward M.

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