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Tuesday, September 17, 2019 4:59:41 AM

Winning is special for the sisters in their new home of Paris. It's just the first round of the French Open, in which they were finalists last year.

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What players is the Fantasy community "sleeping" on? Or, to put it more concretely, who are some players who should be valued a couple rounds higher than their average draft position ADP would suggest?

Fantasy Basketball Draft Prep: Nine sleepers to target on Draft Day

A sleeper column needs minimal introduction, so let's jump right in. He finished last season inside the top 55 in 8-cat, and inside the top 35 in 9-cat. When I made my initial 9-cat ranks in August, slotting Lopez in at 27th, I assumed that would be close to his standard.

Matthews and Korver are great shooters, but they are way past their primes, and the offense will probably suffer from the downgrade from Brogdon. As a result, Milwaukee is likely to need more from Lopez, not less. Lopez's usage and threes per game are likely to increase. The primary counter-argument against another top season from Lopez appears to be the arrival of his brother, Robin, as a backup.

Robin is a solid big man, and an obvious upgrade over the Bucks' dreary collection of backup centers in , but he can't shoot a three. Brook's deep ball is a crucial part of the Bucks' offensive system.

Robin helps the Bucks survive when Brook is off the court, but he is not a threat to cut into Brook's His perceived value is so low that there's no need to actually use a top pick on Lopez, but I'd happily take him 20 picks ahead of ADP and still feel like I got fantastic value.

With Porzingis on the sideline and Jordan in New York, the Mavs suddenly had a massive opening at center.

Maxi Kleber got the first crack at the job, starting for eight games. But when Kleber was sidelined by an illness, Powell stepped in, and Dallas never looked back. From that point on, Powell was a top player in 9-cat, and a top play in 8-cat.

Furthermore, while Powell put in a respectable That'll help him retain his value even after the high-usage Porzingis is incorporated into the offense. Powell is expected to continue starting at center. If he averages more than 30 minutes — a big but realistic "if" — he has "" averaging one three, one steal and one block per game potential.

The Pistons will probably keep starting Reggie Jackson at point guard, but they've tried to minimize their reliance on Jackson in crunch time for years, so Rose could lead the team in point guard minutes even if he comes off the bench.

Rose was mostly hurt during his limited campaign, but his and numbers show a lot of promise. He's only 30 years old, and we've seen many veterans reinvent themselves as viable role players after their initial star value fades.

Rose appears to have joined that list, but he's not being valued as such. A core justification for the strategy is that, historically, the Fantasy basketball community almost always overrates the rookies who get drafted in that range — i.

Gossip: Man Utd plan swoop for a long

There is a secondary conceit to the strategy, namely, that picking the right rookie outside the top can be one of the best value picks of the draft. The reason to avoid picking rookies early and to target rookies late is the same.

It's that everyone — NBA teams.

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