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Friday, October 4, 2019 5:16:07 PM

What can the Broncos fine tune on Saturday night? In the last meeting on October 8,the Broncos defeated the Vikings,

Slot to CascadiaPreps.

Fast forward to Signing Day , not only has Simon Fraser put together a nice recruiting class, but one that may have opened a few eyes around the area. The province of Alberta, along with the states of Oregon and California, bot come in with a single recruit, while the state of Washington leads the way with 16 athletes signing letters of intent.

Below is a breakdown of the local athletes. Riley Morrison WR Bothell Morrison is an undersized slot receiver that uses his speed and athleticism to create mismatches. Get the ball in his hands and Morrison has the ability to take it to the house on any play. Tanner Nelson TE Eastmont Playing in Wenatchee, Nelson isn't exactly going to be a household name to most readers, but the 6-foot-5, pounder has the size and athleticism to be a big time player for the Clan.

Nelson is still very raw and will need to put on some weight, which shouldn't be an issue. Roman Casey DB Bonney Lake Casey is an under the radar type athlete from a school that simply hasn't received a ton of attention the last few years.

Standing 6-foot-2, pounds, Casey is a hard hitting Safety that plays with a high football IQ.

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Casey's versatility gives him the ability to play in the box or deep in coverage. His size and length are very appealing to college coaches.

Standing 6-foot-4, pounds, he does a great job using his length and athleticism to create mismatches. Gale could bulk up and play some TE or be a big body WR. Standing 6-foot-6 and pounds, Elder had a plethora of D1 offers before choosing to sign with Simon Fraser.

Elder is a road grader that plays with a certain kind of nastiness college coaches like. He plays with intensity and a motor that rarely takes a break.

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Butenschoen was an All-State player on the defensive side, but also excelled on the offensive side. He will play a big role long term on the interior defensive line. He plays with a non-stop motor and a hit first, ask questions later, mentality.

I think Smith is one of those players that could easily become one of the best defensive players in the conference, purely because of his compete level. He has nice size, good arm strength and still plenty of room to grow his game. Todd Beamer features more of a run based offense, so Niksich has never really had a chance to open it up and sling the ball around, but he is more than capable of making the throws.

He was a solid two-way athlete at Inglemoor, but will play on the defensive side at Simon Fraser. Reed does a good job diagnosing the play and isn't afraid to stick his noise in to assist in the run game. Brandon Thompson RB Yelm If you followed football for a few years, you might remember Thompson from his time at Yelm, as he graduated in He went to Tacoma Community College for a year, before spending last season helping out at Yelm.

He's a playmaker that can score in a variety of different ways on offense and is one of the best returners this state had for a few years.

Ryan Clarin OL Tahoma Clarin is a bit undersized, but more than makes up for it with his versatility and aggressiveness. Clarin is the type of player Simon Fraser needs more of. Ian Crocker LB Ballard Crocker is a tremendous all-around athlete that excelled on both sides of the ball in high school.

He plays with good speed and a high football IQ. He was ranked as 4. According to analysis by Sailer via his website, "David is a very talented high school kicker and punter. He has a live leg and shows excellent future college potential. Field goals are strong off the ground.

His "A" ball is ready to compete at the next level and his consistency is improving.

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His kickoffs are solid. He drives the ball deep into the end zone with solid hang time. He's a stout 5-foot, pounds, and has the ability to run around or through defenders.

Hebert is the type of player I can see excelling on special teams early in his career. He's a run stuffing DT that does a great job taking on double teams. Kennedy brings needed toughness to the interior defensive line.

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