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Monday, November 25, 2019 10:02:25 AM

By Dr. Steve Dittmore When Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury-News floated the idea last month that the Pac should consider moving some of its football games to am Pacific time, I tweeted that I really liked the idea.

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The rating is tied as the highest at this point of the tournament since , matching , and , and viewership stands as the highest since Compared to last year, ratings and viewership are up a mere three and two percent, respectively.

It trailed only the previous year, when coverage averaged While CBS earned more-than-respectable numbers during its years as the sole broadcaster, it cannot be denied that multi-network presentation has been a boon.

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While the NCAA Tournament has undergone a recent resurgence, the same cannot be said for the regular season. The overwhelming majority of college basketball regular season games barely registered in the ratings, with nearly 60 percent earning a rating of 0.

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More than three-quarters of the games had a rating of 0. Of the regular season games examined by Sports Media Watch excludes seven games for which ratings were unavailable , only 25 had a rating of 1.

Few other sports have such a discrepancy between the regular and postseasons.

NFL ratings: Football dominates most

Excluding Fox Sports 2, which is in less than 50 million homes, the regular season average climbs up to a still minuscule , By comparison, NBA games averaged approximately 2. College football games averaged approximately 1.

At least, it seems that way.

Those gaps, while wide, come nowhere close to the disparity in college basketball. During the regular season, college basketball games often cannibalize each other.

Georgia's win over Notre Dame posts the highest college football rating of the season so far

The advantage of combining the numbers cannot be understated. The top individual telecast earned 1.

  • Board of Regents decision would end up changing college football. College football was no longer a regional phenomenon played out on Saturdays throughout the fall; now it was a national sport played nonstop for three months.
  • The NBA, thanks to its lucrative television deal signed in October , has a high per viewer value and thus sustains by far the greatest financial loss due to overlap. The NHL, which has the greatest percentage losses to overlap, has a relatively small revenue lost by comparison.
  • LinkedIn Television ratings are discussed nearly as much as player statistics these days in sports media.
  • Brian Moritz This tweet from Jenn Mallette crossed my feed the other day: I think my soapbox for the semester is going to be pointing out ways the classroom is not the workplace and how super strict late policies harm students and undermine learning. Instead, it energized me.

While that still leaves a wide gap between the regular season and the NCAA Tournament, it may not be quite as vast as it seems on first glance.

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