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Victorinox Watches Originally world-famous for their Swiss Army Knives, which many of us have somewhere in a drawer at home, Victorinox have rebranded themselves over the last decade as a producer of rock solid, quality travel gear and watches. If you come through Zurich airport you will see one of their branded stores on the way out of the arrivals and you can see the huge range of products they now produce. Their watches range from the very simple and minimalistic, to the more classic diver and dress watches. They also have a range of watches called INOX which are built to be almost bullet proof.

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Personally, I love wearing watches but it can become very expensive, very fast.

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The Casio F — 91W is an iconic watch in its own right and still a great pick, but I did have its own problems. The two biggest ones for me were the terrible backlight and the small case size 35mm.

The Casio W — H comes with the bigger case diameter of The F — WA is very comfortable and light, with a surprisingly easy to adjust the strap. Another interesting feature worth mentioning is the alarm which is loud enough that you can use it to wake up in the morning.

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If you prefer the metallic aesthetic over the black resin one that this is the watch for you. The only downside to this watch is the small case diameter of 32mm. The version with the white face and brown leather band can be easily combined with a casual or a formal outfit.

I just had to mention both the SNK and because they are both nice budget pick for an automatic watch. The comes with a blue nato strap for a nice casual look which you can fit well into your business casual style while the comes with the green strap which gives of a nice military vibe.

Orient Bambino V3 Out of all the mentioned watches, I am a bit biased about this one.

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For this price, you are getting a real classic of watchmaking, with an automatic movement. This being said the Orient movement is very reliable and precise even if it is a budget watch.

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The Bambino has a timeless and classy design. If you want a nice dressy watch which will get compliments then this is the watch for you.

The Soviet Union commissioned the Russian watchmakers to make a diver watch to rival the Swiss-made ones. Long story short, the watchmakers worked with what they had and the Vostok Amphibia was born, a first of many. The Vostok Amphibia is like the Lada, big and robust, but surprisingly not too clunky and is comfortable to wear.

The Amphibia comes in a variety of band options, personally I love the beige strap for a casual look and the steel strap for the classic diver watch look. It is inexpensive, functional and versatile.

The Weekender Chronograph is pretty much like the standard Timex Weekender just with the stopwatch added on. You can dress it up with a nice leather strap or make your Chronograph more casual with a nice blue Nato strap.

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It has a minimalistic, clean look, which is perfect for formal settings. With a bit of research, I found out that the GWQ sports a sapphire glass dial window and a Seiko NH36A Seiko movement, which is an inexpensive and reliable movement.

It comes with a genuine leather strap which could be better but at the price range, it is alright. As for the watch itself, it is a bit smaller and lightweight so much so that you will feel like you are not even wearing it.

With its olive green strap, it has a nice casual look for everyday wear and making some good outfit combinations. Braun watch BNWHBKG When you think of Braun you probably think about shaving machines, trimmers, and hair dryers, but they do make watches which are worth a mention.

The Braun watch is a German-made watch with has a timeless, minimalist aestetic. It comes with a white or black dial face, and a leather or metallic band, which does give you some options.

For a dressier look go with the white dial and leather strap. A bit smaller watch but a nice pick for an everyday watch.

It has a quartz movement which is solar powered with analog display. If you are looking for a dressy watch and a square aesthetic than try this watch it might work for you.

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I do hope that you like the texts. Apart from the Amazon affiliate links, this is not a sponsored text.

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There are just some budget watches that I would personally wear. Share the article on social media if you thought that it was good. What are your budget picks for watches, leave a comment.

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