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Wednesday, September 25, 2019 11:52:12 PM

Share this stream Why you should watch cricket on Cricket Live Stream? Get access to stations who report the game live. You will have plenty of choices to choose from. Cricket Live Stream provides you with useful links of updated games available.

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If you are a sports and cricket fan then this app is perfect for you. It will give you the opportunity to stream live content on your Smartphone. Whatever sporting event is being telecasted on the PTV Sports channel can be watched by you on this app free of charge.

You won't have to pay a single penny to watch sporting events and cricket matches between your favorite teams.

Sorry Hotstar, Your Sports Live Streaming Experience Just Isn't Good Enough

However, be sure to download the YouTube app first as this app won't work without it. If you don't have the YouTube app installed on your phone then this cricket app will direct you to the Play Store and ask you to download it first before making use of this app. One of the best features of the PTV Sports Cricket Station is that it offers seamless streaming of live action to you.

There is no lag experienced and the app does a good job of providing you the live transmission being broadcasted on the channel. Another smart feature of this cricket app is that you can stop the live broadcast at any time and resume it from the same spot.

This is particularly useful when you have to attend to some other task while viewing the live stream on the app.

With this feature of the app, you won't miss a minute of the live action and would be able to enjoy the match in a comprehensive manner. These options can be found in the drop-down menu that is located at the top right-hand corner of the app's home screen.

The first option is that of captions.

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This option offers you the chance to have subtitles displayed on the base of the home screen of this cricket app. These subtitles will be in the English language and will give you the chance to understand whatever is being said on the live transmission that you are watching on the app.

For instance, the captions option will provide subtitles of the commentary that is going on in a cricket match if the live stream you are viewing is a cricket match. The PTV Sports Cricket Station also offers you the opportunity to increase or decrease the quality of the video being streamed as well.

You will have to choose the quality option in order to access this feature of this cricket app.

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A list of video quality options will be provided to you once you choose this feature of the app. The video quality options available to you include Auto, p, p, p and p. The higher the quality of the video you choose, the clearer and sharper the video you will see on your Smartphone.

However, do remember that choosing a higher quality video option will have an impact on your mobile data usage. For instance, at p video quality, your mobile data usage will be far greater than when it is set at p.

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