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March 16, Oshkosh closes door on unfinished business The UW-Oshkosh Titans finished one step short of a national title last season, but under interim coach Matt Lewis, the unfinished business was wrapped up with a win over Swarthmore. More in a feature by Ryan Scott. March 19, Hoopsville: Season Finale The champions have been crowned and we not only recap the championships, but talk to the coaches who guided their teams to the titles. Plus, we talk about "The Calhoun Project" and Dave has a few items in his Notebook you should keep track of yourself.

CBS, Turner extend deal to broadcast NCAA basketball tournament

March Madness Marketing Stats and Viewership Trends [Infographic]

Marketers from all industries use this highly-televised event as an avenue for brand visibility. This made it the most-watched first Sunday in 24 years!

NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament schedule: How to watch the games live

As you can see, this is a great opportunity for companies to get their brand in front of millions and millions of viewers. Cross-device marketing is key for events like the NCAA Tournament, which are consumed on a number of platforms. Learn more below.

  • Background and coverage breakdown[ edit ] Logo used until The new contract came amid serious consideration by the NCAA of expanding the tournament to 68 teams.
  • Florida Gulf Coast vs. Fairleigh Dickinson Anybody who knows anything about college basketball knows about Dunk City.
  • It's not a foregone conclusion that the University of Connecticut Huskies will dominate the field and win another title this year.
  • But only one team comes out as a winner. No units are awarded for playing in the championship game.
  • Entertainment March is a time when names are made, hearts are broken and dreams of even the smallest collegiate participant can come true. A recent Nielsen study found that nearly one-third of the U.

Read more.. March Madness tends to draw in some staggering crowds. The North Carolina vs. Villanova final game racked up Part of the reason for this decline in March Madness viewership is that the crowds adapted the way that they consumed March Madness content.

NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament

In , March Madness saw over 1. Over 8 million video views were racked up across social media, a 5x increase from the year before. Nabisco saw over 54, engagements in , Yum! Currently, 96 percent of sports fans and March Madness viewership are glued to the television, but 68 percent also look for information about sports online, 52 percent attend games and live events, 50 percent turn to print for updates about their favorite teams, 42 percent are checking in through mobile, 41 percent tune in to games on their radios and 35 percent Tweet and Share their way through the season on social media.

NCAA Tournament Live Stream: How to Watch Online

People are still interested in accessing their favorite March Madness teams and games from wherever they happen to be: television is expected to net about Last year, March Madness broke its own records for both average viewers and live video streams — viewers consumed over The March Madness Marketing Landscape March Madness stats and trends are useful, to a point, but not every business will be a good fit for this expensive marketing opportunity.

Last year, the top five categories in March Madness television advertisements were automotive, financial services, insurance, restaurants and telecom. Second, your marketing across all these platforms should be more or less consistent.

Each ad design should be platform-specific, however.

Each platform your brand is considering for March Madness marketing will need its own subplan to ensure that your approach is a good fit for the medium. For example, YouTube ads must grab attention in the first five seconds or viewers may skip the ad, where a similar television spot has more time to build to a crescendo.

A Good Opportunity For The Right Brands March Madness is a very special opportunity for brands that are looking to expand their reach with sports enthusiasts. The cross-platform viewership potential of this event is massive, if marketers and brands are prepared for the increasingly large undertaking it can be to advertise effectively during March Madness.

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