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Tennis TV or Tennis Channel Plus?

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Tips, experiences and opinions on all things tennis! It wasn't until that I got a chance to see TC for the first time so when I moved back to the US in I was SO excited to finally get proper live tennis on TV and have multiple non-illegal streaming options.

After years of watching dodgy illegal streams, I made the decision a few years ago to stop using them. Most of my decision was due to security concerns on my laptop and also irritation at the endless popup ads and yes I've tried ad blockers to no avail and overall poor quality of the streams.

To me, a huge tennis nerd, having access to consistently reliable matches online is a must.

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I've been meaning to post a blog about the tennis streaming services especially because in December I signed up for an annual Tennis Channel Plus subscription. Before I offer my views about both streaming services, here are some facts.


About me: I do not own a TV. I can't stand ESPN coverage of tennis.

  • New season a month away The lack of coordination between all parties is fairly noticeable. The new season begins in exactly a month.
  • History[ edit ] In , the Tennis Channel was founded by Steve Bellamy , who soon hired Bruce Rider to head up programming and marketing.
  • Available to all U.
  • Print The Tennis Channel is launching a digital subscription service that puts a new spin on the established business model for TV sports programming. Beginning Sunday, the sports network will begin selling a programming package directly to consumers.
  • There are four different plans to choose from: Access, Core, Elite and Ultra.

I don't need the desk commentary and constant cutting in and out of matches plus you have to put up with commercial breaks.

Also, I don't like the ESPN viewer - it's too small unless you maximize it on your computer and I don't like to do that.

Things I care about: Time delay of stream of available tournaments Watching on Tennis Channel is great, but they can only show one match at a time and they rarely do a split screen which I personally find annoying anyway.

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So naturally, many fans get peeved when the matches they want to see are not shown. It's a bit of a no-win situation since fans have different expectations, favorite players and preferences. Per website: "TennisTV shows around 2, matches every year from around tournaments.

  • The app is a complementary service only. Their CS basically said oh well not our problem.
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  • Tweet As tennis fans converge for the majors, four times a year we attune our bodies to some of the greatest citiscapes of the world.
  • Tennis Channel Everywhere is a premiere live sports content App and desktop experience designed for iOS, Android and other devices, such as Apple TV, with internet access.

You see the warm ups and all changeovers, MTOs, etc NO commercial breaks No desk reporting like ESPN and Tennis Channel so you actually get tennis, not extra interviews and commentary instead of live tennis They usually show trophy ceremonies and on-court interviews Can watch matches at once from multiple tournaments even Generally streams are in live time without any delays Watch live matches on the go on the Tennis TV app I can't think of many issues I've had using it Highlights available on the website in a pretty timely manner Interviews available online in a timely manner On Demand matches for seven days, finals for longer Commentary is usually pretty solid less annoying to me than most of the TC and ESPN commentary Great customer service - Tennis TV usually shows trophy ceremonies, and once they didn't include it on video replay and they ADDED it when I tweeted them about it.

Sometimes quality of the stream can be iffy. Every once in awhile they have technical issues but usually not for extended lengths of time. We plan to stream more live tennis matches from the ATP World Tour and WTA and make all of these matches available as full replays throughout the entire season.

On all devices.

I have a tennis addiction: Tennis TV and Tennis Channel Plus

So, there will be no more 7 day window for full replays, you will be able to watch all year around. In addition, Tennis Channel Plus subscribers get On-demand access to s of hours of tennis matches and original programming.

What's not so good: My stream is always about 30 seconds behind real time Can only watch one match at a time versus 4 at time if you watch on Tennis TV Not available outside the US.

Comcast customers have issues Still trying to understand what they are. They used to do a monthly or daily pass option but I've been told those are no longer available.

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I realize we're all different but for a tennis-obsessed person like I am, subscribing to both Tennis TV and Tennis Channel Plus is needed.

I don't think either are expensive for what you get and I love being able to watch matches later in the day and like having multiple options if I don't like a commentator or if I'm having quality issues.

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What have I missed?

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