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Monday, September 23, 2019 12:18:41 PM

General head positioning The head should remain above center of gravity and stay relatively still at all times. The more your head is over your center of gravity, the more efficient your visual tracking, balance, strokes and recovery. If the head gets too far off the center of gravity as you move to the shot, you will have difficulty hitting in balance, control and recovery. Balls could be hit to you, or points played out. Your goal is to keep the cap or folded towel on your head.

Watch the Ball!

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Video of that volley is here. Nadal managed to get his racket on the ball but could not return it, so it meant a point for Kyrgios. Tennis players are expected to apologize when they strike or nearly strike their opponents, but Kyrgios did not apologize.

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After the match, the year-old Australian firebrand admitted that he was trying to drill Nadal with the ball. How much money in the bank account? I think he can take a ball to the chest. His meltdowns can be at once extraordinarily petty and extremely entertaining , and for as often as he seems like an unrepentant madman, he sometimes seems like the unrepentant madman the stuffy tennis world needs and deserves.

The goal is to win, no?

How To Watch The Ball In Tennis

As Kyrgios pointed out, smashing the ball directly at Nadal earned him a point. Nadal, being Rafael Nadal, did not seem in any real way at risk of being injured, since a tennis racket makes a pretty convenient shield when the projectile heading your way happens to be a tennis ball, and since there are only two or three other human beings on the planet as deft with a tennis racket as Nadal.

He made the case that a ball hit so aggressively and intentionally could be accidentally fired into the crowd, but Kyrgios demonstrably had the requisite control to target Nadal.

Why would a shot aimed at an opponent necessarily be any more wild than a shot aimed at the back corner of the baseline? He tried to nail Nadal in the chest, it worked, and no one got hurt.

Watch the ball!

Why should he be sorry? Now, finally, Snoop Dogg is involved. The year-old rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, media personality, entrepreneur and actor shared a short video to recruit Leonard to his beloved Lakers via song.

I say this with all due respect, but the song is not very good. There should always be baseball on.

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