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Monday, September 16, 2019 8:56:19 PM

The numbers are paced by the performance of the U. Women's National Team, which rolled through the group stage in record fashion, scoring the most goals ever in the stage including a rout of Thailand in the opener while shutting out its three opponents, Thailand, Chile and Sweden. There has never been a case where a World Cup or Olympics moved from a North American site to a site elsewhere in the world and had viewership increase in the U. The fact that we are there-quarters of the way through the tournament and our average rating is up really runs counter to the long-term trend of events that go from North America abroad, and it's a really pleasant surprise. I think the experience we had in -- which was a tremendous success, and ended in the U.

US women's soccer victory is one of the highest rated telecasts in the sport's history

Sports Women's World Cup: Impressive TV viewer numbers in Germany and around the world Germany's national team received notable ratings for their first two Women's World Cup games, continuing a worldwide trend of decent viewer numbers.


Ticket sales have reportedly been less encouraging. A record 62 broadcasters are said to be present in France.

US women's soccer wins World Cup, gets record TV ratings, still fighti

If the ratings of the World Cup's first two matchdays are anything to go by, Infantino knew what he was talking about. Germany is not the only country where there has been a boom in TV viewer numbers.

Women’s World Cup Final Drew 14M TV Viewers, Record Streamers

In England, 6. It was the most watched women's game of all time in the UK.

That was five times higher than the number of people who watched the men's team's third place playoff in the Nations League against Switzerland.

It was the biggest television audience for a France women's game ever. The increase hasn't been limited to television. Ticket sales still a challenge Despite the encouraging viewer numbers, things look less optimistic in the ticket offices.

Women's World Cup final TV ratings topped men's final: Nielsen

Fourteen out of 52 World Cup games were sold out before the tournament, with a mere third of the tickets on offer being sold. According to FIFA, ten group stage games involving top teams such as France and the US are among those that have no more tickets on sale.

The semifinals and the final in Lyon are also sold out.

Austin tops TV ratings list for Women's World Cup

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