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Rinker, Sr. Concurrent Masters Degrees A concurrent degree program is simultaneous study on an individualized basis that leads to two masters degrees in two different graduate programs. The joint degree program is not open to students who have already earned one degree. Admission to the second program is required no later than the end of the penultimate year of one degree of the joint degree program. A student must satisfy the curriculum requirements for each degree before either degree is awarded.

Online Certificates

Degree seeking students may qualify for federal financial assistance, and should fill out the FAFSA for a determination.

Certificate students do not qualify for federal financial assistance but may be eligible for personal student loans.

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Check with your bank or credit union or agencies such as Sallie Mae for more information. Go to ONE. Electronic check is a free service; credit card payments have a service charge. Note that UF does not accept Visa.

25 Best Online Master's in Construction Management

If you mail a check, it must be received by the due date not the postmarked date. Are there required textbooks to buy?

Much of the course material is presented in the courses themselves. Students may also be directed to websites to download additional information.

UF Warrington College of Business: Two Alumni Perspectives

Who do I contact if I forgot my username or password? Are all courses offered each semester?

ICM Frequently Asked Questions

Summer classes vary. Please reference our teaching schedules for exactly which courses will be offered each term. What are the MICM degree requirements?

The other 9 classes are electives. Students should only register for this course in their last semester the semester they are graduating in.

The Best Colleges for Construction Management in the United States

Students should make plans to be on campus for one day during their last semester to present their research report to a committee which will consist of three professors who teach ICM courses. How do I register for courses?

  • Total Credits: 60 Note: This A.
  • ICM Registration University of Florida graduate education made accessible for working construction professionals Tremendous growth in the international construction market, has created opportunities for companies to engage in business across the international dateline. Under recently concluded World Trade Organization and Washington Accord treaties, construction industry professionals can practice their profession outside their country of citizenship for the first time ever.
  • The school was founded in by the Mormon Church, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints LDS , and is recognized for its academic excellence, consistently ranking as one of the top one hundred universities in the nation.
  • This growth was seen throughout many areas of the states economy, including Healthcare.

Yes, one semester. To become an active student again, you will need to reapply and register for classes for the term that you wish to begin again.

Rinker, Sr.

Reference their Academic Calendar. How do I apply to receive a certificate?

Construction Management

UF mails your certificate to you after the semester ends and posts it to your official transcript. Where do I get football tickets? Is this degree as valid as an on-campus UF degree?

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