Watch Cricket Live India Vs Pakistan T20

Sunday, October 13, 2019 11:14:10 PM


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Can India continue to dominate the WIndies in the red ball form? India, meanwhile, begin the two-match Test series with an eye on their first ever win across all formats whilst playing in the Caribbean.

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If you're in London and looking for a general pub or sports bar, check out our top bars in London. Because then you could turn on the wireless, tune into to Radio 4 LW and listen to Aggers and co talking about pigeons and Mrs.

At the same time, you could watch Mark Ramprakash fox-trotting up the wicket and Darren Gough and Andy Caddick spraying it about the place from the Pavilion end.

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Nowadays though, Sky Sports is king when it comes to cricket live on TV. That way, you can ask the kitchen to slap on a roast, grab a cappuccino in the morning and move on to a pint or two in the afternoon.

If you're a real willow and leather afficianado, you'll no doubt be interested in pubs showing The Ashes on TV or bars showing T20 World Cup.

  • See also: India—Pakistan relations The Partition of British India in that led to the creation of independent Indian and Pakistani states was characterised by bloody conflict between ethnic groups that left one million people dead and led to the mass-migration of an estimated ten million people to the nation of their choice. The legacy of Partition and subsequent territorial disputes have helped create intense rivalries in field hockey , association football and especially in cricket , which had been developed during British colonial rule and is the most popular sport in both nations.
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