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If reinstalling and rebooting didn't do the trick, my guess is you're going to have to wait for them to fix their apps. And now you can watch all the great action from the College Championships without a cable or satellite subscription. I am trying to watch espn3 on my Samsung smart TV but whenever I click watch, I it brings me to a - Answered by a verified TV Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Videos Everyone's Talking About Popular videos, inspiring stories and how-to's from your favorite producers and creators. If you want to enjoy sports simultaneously on more than two supported devices, you can always add the Unlimited Screens option, so everyone in your household gets to watch at home whenever they want.

Xbox One gets Fox Sports Go's streaming app

If you need to know why Fox Sports Go isnt available in your home country and how you can change it — continue to read. The rate at which the United States sports industry is gaining global ground and attention is astonishing and awesome.

There are several TV and online sports channels that treat die-hard sports fans to enjoyable sporting events to their satisfaction. However, just like every other pleasant thing with limitations, Fox Sports Go is made available only to residents of the United States.

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It does not matter if the fan is an American or not, all that matters is the geographical location of the user. Still, there is no need to fret as there is good news.

And also because you can always go to the official Kodi website to check out the latest updated list of devices this open source media player supports at any given time.

You may travel out of the United States for as long as you want and still not miss out on your favorite channels. This is because, as there are ways around every challenge, there are methods that have been devised to bypass this geographical restriction known as geoblocking.

So, from anywhere in the world, you can still enjoy live streaming on Fox Sports Go regardless of the restriction. It is, however, essential to examine the details of geoblocking and why its existence is necessary before exploring the devised means of circumventing the hurdle of geoblocking.

What is Geoblocking and why is its existence necessary?

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Geoblocking can simply be explained to be an automated technique employed on specific websites and content in order to monitor and limit the accessibility of users. In this scheme, certain contents are encrypted and made available to users based on their geographical location.

By so doing, the end-to-end delay network connection is used to measure the physical location of the user.

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Once, the location of the user does not match the required location for accessibility, access is denied. Considering Netflix as an illustration; Once you leave the United States to another location, it automatically changes to the Netflix version available in that new location.

However, in a country that does not have its version of Netflix, the streaming channel becomes unavailable and such a user is deprived of the pleasant online videos. Basically, the IP address is an important tool in detecting the geographical location of a user in order to determine the accessibility of a geo-restricted content or website.

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There is always an intention behind everything. It is, therefore, pertinent to understand why geoblocking exists. Geoblocks are usually implemented by telecommunication companies, websites and content providers for copyright and licensing restrictions.

That is, it is a means of keeping their contents and data safe from plagiarism and unauthorized copying. This is because rights purchased by online channels differ from countries. This explains why contents that are made available to users in the United States may not be available to users in the UK.

‎FOX Sports GO on the App Store

With this, content creators as well as production companies get properly rewarded for their efforts and intellectual properties. Apart from this, geoblocking is enabled to prevent excessive traffic, fraudulent activities, online gambling, and ensuring location authentication.

It is also used to modify content, so as to suit the needs of the geographical location of users.

Despite the preventive measures employed by these websites in protecting their contents, they can be circumvented in order to make content available to every user. How Geoblocking can be Circumvented The meaning of geoblocking and the reasons for implementing the restrictions on websites by content providers have been established.

Now, it is necessary to reveal how to bypass geoblocking and conveniently enjoy live streaming on Fox Sports Go. Of the several bypass methods that have been developed, VPN also known as Virtual Private Network and Smart DNS are two of the various means devised to circumvent the challenge of geoblocking.

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