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Thursday, October 17, 2019 12:56:10 AM

Teams play against each other to try out various rosters instead of their regular formulas. The Las Vegas Summer League first took place in with six teams playing 13 games in total. The Sacramento Kings also announced their own summer league in called the California Classic, and it took place before the Las Vegas Summer League. As it becomes easier and easier to watch TV online, it has also become evident for more people that all these streaming services are geoblocked. This means that if you ever travel abroad, you can no longer access the content.

Zion Williamson Makes NBA Summer League Debut Tonight: How To Watch

  • For young players, it's a key opportunity to get comfortable, acclimated and more confident.
  • Live stream: Hulu or Sling. Line: Timberwolves
  • First impressions don't define them, especially considering the competition doesn't include many players who will actually get time next season, let alone be on a final roster. But the Summer League can be the first step toward a guaranteed contract or a roster invite for training camp in the fall.
  • Of the 32 teams—the 30 NBA franchises plus the Croatian and Chinese national teams—that entered the tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada, eight have qualified for the playoffs. The Celtics, Pistons and Timberwolves are the only three teams to have won each of their four Summer League games so far, while the other five teams to have qualified for the playoffs have a record.

Why is this important? After striking out on every major free agent this summer, the Knicks are taking a detour on their road back to relevancy, and Barrett is a major centrepiece in those plans.

No pressure. After a sophomore season with the Nets in which he started 80 games for a playoff team and posted averages of 11 points, 8.

How to Watch NBA Summer League Online Without Cable

A bit of a surprising roster selection in the first place, given that the Summer League is normally a training ground for the raw and inexperienced. But the Nets coaching staff is likely looking to give Allen opportunities to develop offensively where his game could use the most refinement, especially given the new expectations in Brooklyn with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in the fold.

Allen has the makings of an elite shot-blocker, and should be in the running to lead all players in Vegas in blocks. Jarrett Allen's monster block on LeBron looks even better on the replay.

Vols Look to Shine in NBA Summer League

One of the more surprising breakout players last season, Robinson had a strong rookie season for an otherwise lousy Knicks team. A bouncy seven-footer who rebounds, protects the rim, and finishes with a ton of power at the hoop, Robinson opted not to go to college and therefore was a major unknown heading into the draft, where the Knicks took a chance and drafted the talented teen in the second round.

He rewarded the team by averaging 2. You can expect a sizeable chip on his broad shoulders as he looks to prove league execs wrong for passing on him.

10 most exciting players to watch at the NBA Summer League

After transferring from San Jose State before the start of last season, with a bigger spotlight on him Clarke quickly made the most of it and earned a name for himself, averaging 17 points, 8.

We may start to get a clearer picture after his Summer League performance. More from Sportsnet.

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