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Wednesday, October 16, 2019 5:03:14 PM

Visit online at Songbookslive. Dan has quick hands to tune you in, catch the right speed and key you up, everyone's a star on the Trinity Hall stage!

Former Ulster backrow moves to Dallas to tackle American Football's biggest problem

It would be great to see more tour pictures if there are any remaining that can be posted without getting us blocked by NetNanny or SurfWatch.

If yoru interested in aquiring a couple of aussie travellers to play in your club sometime nearly to mid next year, please let me know Hope you had a great time in Wales, it was a truly memorable experience to be your hosts for the evening.

If you are interested, we are lookig to transfer Gary Lloyd out of the club, we cant pay you much to take him but you would be doing us a huge favour I just moved to the area.

I am in a female in the USMC and have a small amount of experience playing rugby. Are you aware of any female teams?? Please reply Rating: 5 stars. To this day, backs throughout the world hail this moment as the birth of rugby. Forwards, however, know that the game was not really invented until 1.

Forwards Win Games. Backs just decide by how much. Finally, I love your pub cralws and I think you should come and visit! Scott UBS. Best of luck on mounting a strong campaign and having a good time with one another for the rest of the season.

Glad to see fuchia green has been removed from the website. Oh, and Mike Harvey is the only one who thinks he is really, really, really fast. Much love.

Late Night Sports Bar

We are interested in player tranfers and exchanges. Maori Rugby is the game to play, hard, fast and physical. Maori Rugby Players are the latest investment, try one, two or more. Keep up the good work boys!

Trinity Hall Irish Pub Dallas

Worth, TX u. Will have to check you all out.. Stop bitching about the food, telephones and the weather. There be plently of s, MacDonalds and the rest when you get back.

Shag any Welsh slags. Take any shit from those limeys or taffs. Jake wants to know if somebody "crashed you down"?! The previous days tough match took its toll as East Side did not have to play due to a forfeit.

A 10 minute sin bin contributed to our demise. Both East Side and Des Moines move on in the playoffs. Good to see rugby is taking off in the states!

Dallas Baptist University Athletics

Hope some of the old boys will show up. Looking at some of the visitors from your guest book, I see Arthur from Cardiff wrote. Boy does Cardiff and Swansea bring back old memories.

Good luck, see you soon. A helluva bunch. Seeing this web site brought back some good memories and some which are a little more alcohol hazed. Trying to think of the names of some of the guys, Mike kwedar springs to mind and there was also fireman we stayed with.

I have bookmarked this site and will return. We finished the season 8wins 4 losses. In cup play we finished 4wins 0 losses. We are hosting the Midwest sub playoffs and are keen to defend our crown from last year.

We play either Metro or East Side from the Minneapolis area. Take care cheers to all of from one of your former players. I will be up there for the Western LAU tourney in a week.

Plano Rugby Club

I think Rick is going to join you guys in the UK. Tell Dalton I said HI!! Last year I played 1st colts foir the warringah rats team in sydney. As an up and coming junior i was hoping for more information on issues mentioned before.

Very interested in the US rugby, and think that i might be able to better your rugby club. All the best chris.

Dallas: Trinity Hall Irish Pub

Read the results from the Dallas match. Glad to read that Mr Swain and Mr. Hill are still active in the game. Keep up the great work boys and if anyone is ever in Manchester drop the club a line. Dont like to lose at golf, do they? I guarantee Dan Lyle wont start crying on camera about how easy it is to choke on sour grapes!

Sports in Dallas

Grow up you childish Europeans. You LOST.

Ryan M. I am looking all over for rugby clubs in other countries to communicate with and to establish links. Nice to come upon your web site.

Great to see you guys are doing so well. Best regards to Mark Mowery and Mike Kwedar if they are still around. By the way, Wales is 6 hours ahead of us NOT 8. I have a 2 bedroom appartment approximatly 2 miles from the millenium stadium. Next to shopping mall in new housing development in Cardiff Bay.

I wonder if Skip Myles ever got into shape?

where to watch football west seattle

I wonder if Dan Morgan still looks like Goldberg? Oh well.

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