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Wednesday, September 25, 2019 11:54:11 AM

What are you waiting for? Television productions have been an alternative form of mass media to bring fans with their teams and their favorite sports. This series revolves around the pre-season of the team and, since it is a production that is born from the same club, has an intimate view of the players, the coaching staff and their families.

How to Watch the FIFA Women's World Cup Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals

The first games have been played, the first teams have been knocked out, the quarterfinals have happened, and currently, the United States, Sweden, England, and the Netherlands are in the semifinals.

US women's soccer victory is one of the highest rated telecasts in the sport's history

If you're looking to tune into the games wherever you are in the world and whatever time they're on , here's how you can keep up to date with everything that's happening, and who's playing who as we head into the final soccer stretch, which concludes July 7. May the best team win.

World Cup United States

The matches tend to happen at 9 a. Eastern Standard Time, which means if you're in a different time zone just account for that shift and have fun getting up early to watch soccer. You might not have access to the FS1 and FS2 channels, but the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals will all be broadcast on Fox.

Women’s World Cup TV Viewership Is on a Record Pace

The full schedule is here. Not all cable packages carry the Fox app, so just double check before you go ahead and make plans to watch on your iPhone on your train commute.

FuboTV might be your best bet, as they're streaming all the games from Fox AND come with a free week-long trial before you actually have to subscribe.

When are the next games? Semifinals United States vs. England at 3 p. Netherlands at 3 p.

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