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Wednesday, March 4, 2020 4:12:42 PM

That, my friend, I do. Well, what are you waiting for? The plane touched down at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport a little after daybreak. Ayo and I, on our first international correspondence bustled out of the plane, flashed our press passes at the Immigration desk and picked our luggage from the carousel then followed the stream of people heading outside.

NTA Sports 24 to broadcast live matches

NTA will broadcast the matches on terrestrial television channels across Nigeria, while the Super Eagles will be among 24 teams contesting to lift the trophy on July 19 in the showpiece final game.

Nta sports live

Nigeria is participating for the first time in four years, so NTA feels it has a responsibility to beam the matches to the homes of Nigerians and viewing centres across the country. There will be 52 matches because of the extended number of teams, each of which will deliver the desired eyeballs for sponsors.

Viewers of the forthcoming Africa Cup of Nations starting in Egypt on June 21 will be given a fresh dimension to live broadcast of the events by popular comedian, Alibaba, who alongside other top artistes, will team up with the Nigerian Television Authority NTA and HotSports Media Group to present a blend of football and comedy during the competition.

NTA feels that Nigerians have the right to watch their national team and they have the right to watch other teams because we are very passionate about football. I can even say first four games because definitely, we will qualify from our group.

We will be there on ground giving live reports to Nigerians, pre-match, during the match and post-match at prime time.

Beyond these as well, there will be opportunities for a lot of freebies to be won by Nigerians just for keeping faith with NTA and viewing the matches on NTA.

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