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South Africa stuns All Blacks with last

The Practical Guide of the Activity. The All Blacks' Invincibility Secret? New Zealanders take rugby very seriously The public fascination for the All Blacks is far anterior to their last World Cup victory. Unbelievable, but true: the best team on the planet rugby was made up of amateur players until , and it was under similar conditions that the Kiwis had won the world trophy in The incredible success of the New Zealand team for almost a century is due to the number of licensees playing in more than teams!

To absorb such an astronomical amount of players not counting weekend players like you and me , there are many levels of championships, perhaps difficult to decipher by the neophyte.

You must, however, assimilate the fundamentals if you dream of attending a rugby match during your stay in New Zealand. New Zealand's rugby clubs have , members. In itself, the system is quite simple, but the Kiwis have the annoying habit of naming their competitions according to sponsors who change from year to year.

Under such conditions, nine out of ten guides including on the Internet are outdated and recommend competitions that no longer exist! You need a serious guide about rugby in New Zealand. This time, we won't speak of an activity I will not teach you how to play rugby , but I will give you all the essential information to understand the importance of rugby in New Zealand and explain how to attend a match.

What Are the Major Competitions of the Country? The Allblacks represent the summit of a true pyramid. It's no surprise if the All Blacks crush everything in their path To have the honor to wear the famous black jersey with a silver fern, each player will have played countless matches and went through a ruthless selection to join the elite.

The players who play at this stage are likely to be selected in the provincial teams, and each province in the country holds a dozen professional teams!

New Zealand South Africa: All Blacks hold off spirited Springboks

The best players of this competition are then selected to join the Super Rugby or Super 18 teams, somehow the equivalent of the Champions League of Football in Europe.

There are a multitude of championships and rugby tournaments. We must, of course, add international test matches before the World Cup every four years. What a program! With such a profusion of matches, being motivated is not enough to attend a competition.

You can't just come and sit in a stadium to admire the show.

New Zealand vs Ireland live stream: how to watch the Rugby World Cup for free

It is necessary to know which match to see, which team to support To attend a match, one must not come during the truce. Competitions, teams, seasons, budget to attend a match But to get to the heart of the subject, we will begin with a presentation of the Haka and everything else will follow quite naturally.

The passion of rugby is taught to the children from the small school. The Haka was originally a ritual dance practiced by the people of the South Pacific to celebrate festivities or support a declaration of war.

New Zealand v Ireland: Watch Rugby World Cup on TV, live stream, time

Far from being uniform, interpretation is free and varies according to the prestige of each tribe. The Haka was popularized by the All Blacks team who has been performing it before each international rugby match since The folkloric aspect naturally enchants the travelers, but the ancestral tradition is very important in the eyes of the New Zealanders.

Historically, the Haka has helped ease tensions between the descendants of British settlers nicknamed pahekas and the Maori population. The first rugby team to have performed the Haka in A spectacular haka between two rival schools in New Zealand.

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The All Blacks are in a way the standard bearer of this culture, now joined by the TallBlaks in basketball. As respected as the national anthem, the interpretation of the Haka is observed in silence in the stadiums. Therefore, the Haka can't be reduced to choreographed dances before rugby competitions, and its meaning vary according to circumstances wedding, festivities But it has other names and meanings in the Pacific and the Tonga and Fiji Islands have their own interpretation of the Haka, also performed before the rugby matches.

The haka has been used for centuries to intimidate the opponent. The famous Haka of the Allblacks before a rugby match. His purpose obviously aims to impress the opponent, but its original meaning largely unknown by the general public has nothing to do with the world of rugby.

Rugby World Cup: New Zealand Canada

The origin of the Haka is associated with a legend that tells the story of a warrior who would have interpreted a dance to thank a tribal chief for having hidden him from his enemies.

If you visit the Te Papa Museum in Wellington, do not miss the very well-made documentary that revives the legend.

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