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But will Anybody Watch? October 16, blog By Mike Sullivan scroll It only took years.

World Series: A final look at the postseason results

Neither the Fox nor TBS studio shows were awful, but nor was either particularly exceptional.

TBS is close to getting this right. They just click to click the corner and drag out a little bit.

MLB Baseball Schedule

Division Series confusion In the opening days of the postseason, it took some sort of advanced degree in baseball television rights to figure out what channel the games were on. You had two series on FS1 and two series on TBS neither or which are typically go-to baseball destinations , with matchups on MLB Network thrown in seemingly at random.

Oh, and one of the wild-card games was on ESPN, for good measure. And it will be quite confusing when we do it all again next year.

Major League Baseball on TBS

But even so, there comes a point when advertising crosses a line and becomes intrusive to the fan, who is tuning in for the game, not the marketing. The World Series may or may not have crossed that line with the behind-the-plate YouTube ad that resembled a play button.

It may or may not have crossed that line with its brief spots in the middle of innings. But it definitely, unquestionably crossed that line when Astros outfielder George Springer was virtually decapitated by a Masterpass ad projected on the outfield wall.

YouTube TV will be all over the World Series for two more years

And frankly, Turner needs to spend some time honing its streaming platform. The TBS site was glitchy during postseason games, buffering often and sometimes freezing during commercials.

How to watch World Series: live stream Nationals vs Astros Game 1 from anywhere

For anyone without access to a television, watching the NL half of the playoff bracket was a pain. With linear TV still the dominant medium, maybe Turner can get away with a poor streaming service, but as watching events online continues to grow in popularity, they need to work out some of these kinks.

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